Wound Dressings

  • We manage any type of wound, from minor grazes, bed sores, injuries to post-operative wounds. Our dedicated team of carers are highly trained in this area of wound management and will flag to management if wounds deteriorate or require more specialized care
  • We work in conjunction with our clients “General Practitioners” and specialist wound care practitioners where clients require the specialized dressings and management of wounds.

Catheter Care

  • Our team will manage all types of catheters e.g. Urethral and Suprapubic catheters
  • We manage blocked catheters
  • We can replace both male and Female catheters
  • We also assist clients that use intermittent self-catheters
  • We perform bladder washouts where indicated by specialist or managing Doctor

Tube Feeding

  • We manage patients that require patients that require tube feeding
  • PEG feeds , Jejestomy feeds and TPN
  • Any complications with tubes will be managed by our team of registered nurses in conjunction with patient’s GP

Phlebotomy /Blood Drawing

  • Because we look after the elderly and frail, any blood works requested by the client’s doctor will be drawn by our nursing sister. This is all done in the comfort of the client’s home.
  • The nursing sister transports the blood samples to the laboratory and follows up on the results on behalf of the client

Medication management

  • We pride ourselves with a team of caregivers that are fully trained in the administration of medication.
  • Our team will assess effects of medication on our clients and inform the nursing sister if there are concerns of side effects or a need for medication titration
  • Our nursing sisters are registered to dispense medication to clients


  • For all clients that are undergoing rehabilitation, our team are readily available to walk that  journey  with them
  • We assist with light physiotherapy exercises based on prescribed therapy from the professional
  • We will attend any rehabilitation sessions with clients be it with physiotherapy or speech and language therapist

24 Hour care

  • We provide domiciliary care to our clients by visiting them during the day at agreed times to provide hygiene, meals and administer medication
  • We also offer live-in services where designated caregivers are assigned to a client affording our clients round the clock service
  • Our nursing team are on 24 hour call to attend to any emergencies that may arise

Patient Transport Services

  • Here at 365 Patient Care we provide transport services to those hospital appointments, shopping appointments, shopping trips or simply for coffee with a friend
  • We have designated drivers that will answer to all transport calls be it with your personal vehicle or with our fleet of cars solely dedicated for this service.
  • We have a dedicated fleet of vehicles to transport clients for appointments
  • We can drive clients in their personal vehicles

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